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The Modern Recruitment Marketing Mindset

Posted by Len April on Apr 11, 2017 11:16:44 AM

Recruitment marketing is the current gold standard in talent acquisition. The gig economy has contributed to this evolution through the massive decoupling of consumers and buyers -- the candidates we prospect are becoming more like consumers; we’re selling and they’re buying. Talent are beginning to view employers as clients, and those organizations are looking at workers as service providers. Given all these shifts, it’s easy to see why adopting a marketing-centric recruitment approach has become an integral part of hiring – especially when competition for top talent is fierce. The advice throughout the staffing industry for the past three years has been to “think and act like a marketer.” It’s good advice. Yet as Gartner analyst Augie Ray points out in a fascinating article, thinking like a marketer can lead to tunnel vision. In this digital, as-a-service economy, it’s important to understand how we should be conceptualizing marketing. Let’s explore what Ray calls the disease of the marketing mindset and how to cure it.

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Tags: inbound recruiting, talent acquisition, Marketing Digital, Brand story

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