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Business Yoga: Reaching Innovation Goals Means Traveling Multiple Paths

Last week, I dedicated my post to the rewards of innovation, because it’s one of the most critical conversations we should be having in the business community. To remain competitive, companies need to keep innovating -- solving problems and delivering value. And that means we must start treating innovation as a business discipline, not just a strategy or buzzword.

How to Reap Big Rewards from Your Business Innovations, Not High Costs

Regardless of industry or the type of enterprises we lead, we’ve found ourselves standing at the threshold of a dynamic business evolution, where innovation is steadily rising as a new form of capital. The advances we’re witnessing in exponential technologies and digital transformations have ushered in an era full of exploration, curiosity and boundless possibilities. The challenge, however, is defining a nebulous concept like “innovation.” What does it really mean? There’s a difference[...]


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