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How Marketing Buyer Personas Can Help Recruiters Build Amazing Talent Pools

In today’s workforce, the evolving role of recruiters is becoming even more pivotal. Candidates aren’t attracted, sourced and recruited the same way they were a decade ago. The transactional tactics of matching skills, work experience and compensation to job descriptions no longer bear the same fruits. As the industry moves toward predictive analytics, digital ecosystems and on-demand talent pools, the best recruiters are confronted with the challenges of casting wide yet targeted nets. And[...]

The Human Cloud in 2017: Tech Trends That Will Define the Next Year

One of the most significant shifts in the staffing industry during 2016 came from the explosive growth of what employment experts refer to as the “human cloud.” According to a report by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), this market segment generated between $25.6 billion and $28.6 billion globally over the past year. What is the human cloud? It’s an expanding ecosystem that drives the gig economy. It includes vaunted companies such as Uber and Upwork. The human cloud consists of contractors,[...]

The Human Cloud Helps Enterprise Clients and MSPs Run Faster

Today’s business environment is defined by the fluidity of globalization. In a short span of time, technology has eroded many of the barriers -- both physical and social -- that have separated people through the ages. We’ve entered a new world of work where our tools, processes and even people function in “the cloud.” The rigid structures and staffing constraints of brick-and-mortar operations are hobbling hiring managers who must make real-time adjustments to the workforce in order to[...]

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