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Get Ready for 2017, Year of the Digital Workplace

In less than 10 days, children around the world will be spinning dreidels and pulling stockings from the mantel. This year, Hanukkah and Christmas Eve fall on the same day. That means the season of gift-giving has shifted into full throttle. It’s always interesting to check out the most in-demand presents during the holidays. As usual, top products fall into the categories you’d expect: toys, apparel and gadgets. And yet we’re noticing that items in those categories are becoming primarily[...]

The Digital HR Ecosystem: A People Business Empowered by Technology

Instead of fearing the machines, let's use them to build a digital HR ecosystem that empowers people through technology.

At the close of 2014, we began focusing on the trends that would shape the staffing industry in 2015 and beyond, particularly as firms of all sizes began investing in performance management software to draw from the wellspring of Big Data. HR technology today is no longer a luxury or a simple way to automate processes for operational or cost efficiencies -- it’s essential[...]

A Look Back at 2015

Another Auld Lang Syne

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