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Monkey’s Paw Placements -- A Spooky Staffing Halloween Story

A Frightfully Fun Halloween Staffing Story Based on the Classic "Monkey's Paw"

I remember that autumn well, and a sinister encounter with Monkey's Paw Placements. I fear I shall not soon forget the events of that night. It was on the eve of a terrible storm, and I had settled in beside a comforting fire blazing in the hearth. On the mantle, the mischievous grimace of a jack-o’-lantern seemed to chuckle as the candle within flickered from sporadic gusts that escaped the chimney. Outside, the[...]

The Spooked Customers - A Halloween Staffing Tale

A Spooky Halloween Staffing Poem to Enjoy

“Is there anybody there?” said the Recruiter, Rapping the moonlit office door; His horse’s tail, sere and withered, brushed the Faded brand it bore: A staffing livery, old and dated, A relic of years long past: And a yellowing requisition lay In the brittle autumn grass: Only a host of phantom customers That haunted the office halls Stood listening in silence, To a voice from forgotten calls: Stood rattling the cobwebs on darkened cubicles, Beside[...]


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