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How Think with Google Could Dramatically Enhance Recruitment Marketing

Posted by Sunil Bagai on Jan 19, 2017 11:00:00 AM

The world needs no introduction to Google. Across the globe, its brand signifies the most ubiquitous search engine the Internet has ever known. Google also offers businesses and individuals a wide array of useful products, such as Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Maps, YouTube and more. However, the company’s platform is more robust than some may imagine. There are services devoted to education, scholarly research, group collaboration, fine arts, virtual reality and a sort of “Slack Lite” social communications hub called Spaces. Recently, we even covered Google’s foray into the world of staffing with its machine learning API for hiring. At its core, though, Google is one of the world’s largest repositories of analytics. Some people may be familiar with Analytics, AdSense and Hot Trends. Yet its newer service, “Think with Google,” could be a hidden boon to recruiters who want to think like Google and drive their recruitment marketing to unparalleled heights. Let’s take a look.

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Tags: recruitment marketing, social recruiting, talent acquisition, data analysis, Google

Google Brings Machine Learning to the Staffing Industry

Posted by Sunil Bagai on Nov 17, 2016 3:51:19 PM

Just a couple of weeks ago, Facebook made industry news when technology reporters discovered a Jobs tab on their business page. The social network later confirmed that it was experimenting with a suite of sourcing tools to capitalize on the boom in social recruiting. Workforce industry experts believe that Facebook may be trying to muscle in on LinkedIn’s sacred grounds. However, even bigger revelations came November 15 when Google announced its own foray into the realm of talent acquisition -- a move that staffing insiders have been predicting for some time. The fascinating twist with Google is that the Internet giant has no plans to build a standalone technology, such as a branded applicant tracking system (ATS), online recruitment platform or vendor management system (VMS). Instead, Google is offering “Cloud Jobs API,” which allows workforce technology developers to integrate robust machine learning features into their systems.

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Tags: hr technology, machine learning, Google

Create a Compelling Mobile Recruiting Experience

Posted by Sunil Bagai on Jun 2, 2016 11:00:35 AM

Google I/O is the search giant’s highly anticipated annual event. Each year, the conference brings together developers for an immersive, three-day experience focused on exploring the next generation of technology. Google’s Rahul Roy-chowdhury, vice president of Product Development, highlighted his keynote speech by heralding the arrival of the mobile web. An average user visits more than 100 websites on a mobile device every month. That means expectations for speed and quality have risen higher than ever. It’s imperative that technology providers focus on delivering a world-class mobile experience. Because successful recruiting relies just as heavily on mobile connections to engage candidates, recruiters should strive to replicate the same user experience in their approach. Following the essence of Google’s advice is an excellent start.

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Tags: mobile recruiting, Recruiting, talent acquisition, candidate experience, conversational commerce, Google

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