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Contingent Workforce Leaders Help Create Diverse Client Cultures

October is historically an exciting and busy month, with a variety of colorful celebrations taking place across the globe. It’s a diverse month. It’s also a month for diversity. In less than a week, Chicago will welcome the National Minority Supplier Development Council’s 2016 Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange -- an event we hope to see you at on October 23. For all the talk of diversity, however, we know that challenges and biases persist. We hear them in shocking political[...]

Promoting Gender Equality Plays a Vital Role in Retaining Top Talent

Diversity isn’t just a staffing industry topic. It’s taken center stage during this polarizing election season -- more than economics, job creation, the military or taxes. The groundbreaking and inspirational events of recent weeks demonstrate that a person’s capabilities, skills and worth have no cultural, intellectual, gender or racial bounds. We know that promoting gender equality plays a vital role in retaining top talent. So why must we still make the “business case” for inclusion? It’s[...]

Gender Parity Will Dramatically Improve the Economy

As we’ve written before, promoting gender equality plays a vital role in retaining top talent, boosting bottom line profits, attracting consumers to your brand, and embodying a conscientious, fully human work culture. It isn’t just good for business, however. As McKinsey Global Institute’s new study demonstrates, gender parity will dramatically improve the economy.

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