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How Exponential Thinking Will Disrupt and Drive the Future of Staffing

Anyone who reads my blogs or attends my speeches at business conferences knows my passion for exponential thinking. Exponential technologies represent the future prosperity and wellbeing of the world we share. And exponential organizations will be the catalysts and champions of these incredible boons. Sometimes, however, it’s not easy to push past the present and gaze into the possibilities of tomorrow. This was evident last week when an industry association posed an important question about[...]

Why Virtual Reality Represents the Very Real Future of Business and HR

Too often, in my opinion, talk of virtual reality (VR) seems relegated to the realms of science fiction, video games, film and television. Virtual reality is no novelty. The real-world benefits and applications are already surpassing entertainment. VR resides in the domain of exponential technologies -- digital advances that are transforming the world through intelligent sensors, machine learning, robotics, synthetic biology and 3D printing. Consider the latter. Three-dimensional printers[...]


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