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Managing Change in an Era of Digital Disruption and Exponential Growth

In the business world, Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods was big news. On the first day of the acquisition, Amazon honored its promise of lowering prices across a variety of items, including beef, organic eggs and produce. The popular grocery chain will undoubtedly experience a number of other significant changes under the purview of the online retail giant. With its groundbreaking advances in employing analytics and big data to drive sales and operations, Amazon stands poised to disrupt the[...]

How Design Thinking Can Modernize Your Contingent Workforce Program

As we’ve been discussing throughout this year, digital technologies have undeniably shaped the future of business and society. Exponential technologies represent the prosperity and wellbeing the world will soon attain. And exponential organizations will be the catalysts and champions of these incredible boons. What makes this present shift unique, when compared to past breakthroughs, is that the emerging paradigm signals a convergence of digital and physical experiences. Rigid structures can[...]

How Exponential Thinking Will Disrupt and Drive the Future of Staffing

Anyone who reads my blogs or attends my speeches at business conferences knows my passion for exponential thinking. Exponential technologies represent the future prosperity and wellbeing of the world we share. And exponential organizations will be the catalysts and champions of these incredible boons. Sometimes, however, it’s not easy to push past the present and gaze into the possibilities of tomorrow. This was evident last week when an industry association posed an important question about[...]

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