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Women's Equality Day and the Importance of Gender Parity in Business

We regularly advocate for the power and importance of gender parity in the workforce. Stunning as it seems today, given the immense contributions of women professionals, gender equality remains an elusive goal around the world. Our ongoing challenges with creating a truly inclusive talent population really came to light two years ago when major tech companies published their lackluster diversity numbers. Even more troubling, women in their 30s are switching employers more frequently. The[...]

Contingent Workforce Leaders Offer New Solutions to Old Problems of Ageism

As you may have noticed, we’ve been placing a stronger emphasis on diversity recently. Naturally, diversity is a core topic in the workforce solutions industry. Its power is proven, undeniable and apparent. However, the global and national conversations on inclusion have taken unexpected turns. In politics, society and the labor force, we’re facing less embracing attitudes that could potentially lead to policies that roll back protections for women, minorities, LGBT people, the disabled and[...]


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