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Pay Parity and Gender Equality Dramatically Improve the Economy

Pay parity is one of spring’s biggest diversity topics. And there’s a good reason. Every April, women’s earnings catch up to men’s from the last year. On average, women must work an extra 103 days to earn the same amount of money as their male colleagues. That’s why, in 1996, the National Committee on Pay Equity originated Equal Pay Day, an honorary observance of the ongoing wage gap between men and women. Since its inception, the symbolic holiday has raised public awareness of discrepancies[...]

Gender Parity Will Dramatically Improve the Economy

As we’ve written before, promoting gender equality plays a vital role in retaining top talent, boosting bottom line profits, attracting consumers to your brand, and embodying a conscientious, fully human work culture. It isn’t just good for business, however. As McKinsey Global Institute’s new study demonstrates, gender parity will dramatically improve the economy.


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