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Independent Recruiters: How to Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit and Thrive

Independent recruiters are on the rise, and this movement is creating tremendous wealth potential for the professionals getting involved. It makes sense to me. With the expansion of the gig economy and the boost in freelancing, 2016 seems to have ushered in the era of the micropreneur. The influential consultancy EY believes so. In its Megatrends 2015 report, it predicted a growing movement toward entrepreneurialism. The majority of people inspiring this shift are Millennials -- 70 percent[...]

Realize Your Goals as an Entrepreneurial Recruiter

It’s an exciting time to be a recruitment professional. Employers are racing to find skilled workers, yet their internal resources can’t keep pace with the job orders piling up on their desks. That’s why more companies are turning to the staffing industry for help. Even then, however, positions go unfilled and the war for talent rages on. Why? Because agency recruiters face limitations that independent recruiters have overcome. You might be hesitant, thinking that the latest recruitment[...]


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