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How to Avoid Helicopter Management to Fuel Business Innovation

Posted by Sunil Bagai on May 3, 2018 11:43:09 AM

Around 1983, we witnessed the stirrings of what would become micromanaging “helicopter parents,” who in turn sired a generation of young, hovering warders instead of mentors. The problem, according to child development experts, is that these failure-intolerant practices have created a generation where more people hesitate to take risks, express unconventional ideas or test new approaches to solving problems for fear of rebuke. The mandate for business leaders who are trying to innovate and keep pace with fierce competition seems to be, “failure is not an option.” It makes sense then that managers and executives begin to lean toward strictly policing their workers. Yet as child development and business experts attest, tightly controlled attempts to prevent failure may only prevent success. Let’s look at how we can staunch the rise of helicopter cultures.

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Tags: Workforce Management, business leadership, employment culture

Hire for Values if You Want a Business Powerhouse, Not a Frat House

Posted by Casey Enstrom on Feb 6, 2018 11:32:42 AM

A lot’s changing in the world of work. Pressures to innovate and operate with agility are paramount. Team dynamics determine the outcomes. So the question is: are you building a powerhouse or a frat house? The elastic nature of business has forced us to focus more on strategic hiring and cultural fit. The secret, however, lies in identifying compatible values more than integration to an established mindset. If optimal talent acquisition is your goal, hire for values, not just culture.

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Tags: talent acquisition, business leadership, employment brand, employment culture

How “Human Capital” Affects Employment Culture and Candidate Experience

Posted by Jess Johnson on Dec 5, 2017 2:07:30 PM

What do the terms human capital, talent, and contingent workers all have in common? They all mean the same thing: people. More than any other, the staffing industry is riddled with buzzwords these days. From fancy acronyms to words that sound like something out of an episode of Black Mirror (ahem, Compliance, anyone?), it seems like some new confangled term emerges every day. Any newbie entering the industry would do well to keep a cheat sheet on hand.

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Tags: candidate experience, employment culture, HR lingo

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