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Hire for Values to Maximize the Value of Your Employment Culture

As we’ve been discussing in recent articles, the catalysts that spawned the sharing economy and a more fluid, on-demand approach to work have altered the very landscape of business and the talent forces that power it. Contingent workforce leaders are transforming from transactional to tactical advisers. Freelancing has become the new normal in non-traditional employment, and it’s happened by choice rather than necessity. The increasing presence of robots and automation, more than destroying[...]

Investing in Talent Is Reinvesting in Your Company’s Success

Reinvesting in a company and its talent goes beyond compensation. A global study performed by Oxford Economics and SAP proved that the highest performing organizations are those that leverage talent to fuel profits and business growth. The report revealed the key characteristics of these leading edge companies, and many of the approaches cited are the best practices already championed by staffing industry professionals. So let’s look at how these contingent workforce leaders can help[...]

This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Contingent Workers the Love

Today is Valentine’s Day. What began as a liturgical celebration quickly became a romantic holiday where people share their affections, attractions and commitments. Why should the staffing industry be immune to Cupid’s metaphorical arrow? Passion, time and love are intrinsically motivating factors that transform vocational duties into the art of the work -- and contingent workforce leaders help beleaguered hiring managers reignite the flames that propelled them to success. The value of[...]

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