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Hire for Values if You Want a Business Powerhouse, Not a Frat House

A lot’s changing in the world of work. Pressures to innovate and operate with agility are paramount. Team dynamics determine the outcomes. So the question is: are you building a powerhouse or a frat house? The elastic nature of business has forced us to focus more on strategic hiring and cultural fit. The secret, however, lies in identifying compatible values more than integration to an established mindset. If optimal talent acquisition is your goal, hire for values, not just culture.

How “Human Capital” Affects Employment Culture and Candidate Experience

What do the terms human capital, talent, and contingent workers all have in common? They all mean the same thing: people. More than any other, the staffing industry is riddled with buzzwords these days. From fancy acronyms to words that sound like something out of an episode of Black Mirror (ahem, Compliance, anyone?), it seems like some new confangled term emerges every day. Any newbie entering the industry would do well to keep a cheat sheet on hand.

What Star Wars Teaches Us About the Dark Side of Silent Business Cultures

The winter holiday madness is about to explode, and people everywhere are looking forward to an abundance of festivities. There await feasts, gift exchanges, themed parties, family gatherings, and big movie premiers. Perhaps no other upcoming film this season has sparked more excitement than "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." Apart from its unrivaled popularity as a sweeping space opera, the Star Wars saga also incorporates political parable -- a tale of rampant despotism and its eventual downfall.[...]

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