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How to Uncover Your Client’s Employment Culture Before Recruiting

Understanding the nuances of a client’s employment culture, both positive and negative, is critical to determining its employment brand and how we match the right candidates to the right contracts. That effort involves more than perusing a client’s career site or marketing materials. Let’s explore some creative discovery techniques that contingent workforce professionals can use to uncover hidden gems – and avoid potential pitfalls.

In-Demand Employee Retention Strategies for an On-Demand Workforce

Companies today are experiencing major issues with employee retention. The lure of the gig economy has grown from a “necessary evil” in the aftermath of the recession to a lucrative business opportunity for driven professionals. These individuals seek the flexibility, freedom, self-direction and higher income potential that non-traditional work offers. That’s not such a boon for employers who want full-time people. Staffing professionals benefit from this demand for contingent talent, yet[...]

Strong Staffing Supplier Brands Help MSPs Uncover Exceptional Talent

Spring is a fantastic time of year. It’s the season when we leave the darkness of winter behind, clear the way for new opportunities ahead, and build or strengthen relationships. For businesses, it’s a time to shake loose the dust, tune up processes, experiment with new approaches, and emerge with a fresh image. That’s why these early days of spring provide us with an excellent reason to explore the importance of brand -- and not just a client’s. By sourcing staffing partners who are[...]


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