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Hire for Values if You Want a Business Powerhouse, Not a Frat House

Posted by Casey Enstrom on Feb 6, 2018 11:32:42 AM

A lot’s changing in the world of work. Pressures to innovate and operate with agility are paramount. Team dynamics determine the outcomes. So the question is: are you building a powerhouse or a frat house? The elastic nature of business has forced us to focus more on strategic hiring and cultural fit. The secret, however, lies in identifying compatible values more than integration to an established mindset. If optimal talent acquisition is your goal, hire for values, not just culture.

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Tags: talent acquisition, business leadership, employment brand, employment culture

How to Uncover Your Client’s Employment Culture Before Recruiting

Posted by Len April on Apr 25, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Understanding the nuances of a client’s employment culture, both positive and negative, is critical to determining its employment brand and how we match the right candidates to the right contracts. That effort involves more than perusing a client’s career site or marketing materials. Let’s explore some creative discovery techniques that contingent workforce professionals can use to uncover hidden gems – and avoid potential pitfalls.

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Tags: Recruiting, talent acquisition strategies, contingent workforce program, employment brand

In-Demand Employee Retention Strategies for an On-Demand Workforce

Posted by Sunil Bagai on Jul 21, 2016 11:00:57 AM

Companies today are experiencing major issues with employee retention. The lure of the gig economy has grown from a “necessary evil” in the aftermath of the recession to a lucrative business opportunity for driven professionals. These individuals seek the flexibility, freedom, self-direction and higher income potential that non-traditional work offers. That’s not such a boon for employers who want full-time people. Staffing professionals benefit from this demand for contingent talent, yet keeping proven performers is just as critical to their success. Right now, employee retention has taken its place as one of the most important topics in conversations about the future of talent, from the political stage to the desks of HR. Let’s look at how staffing experts can individualize and reshape their programs to retain high caliber workers, stellar performance metrics and margins.

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Tags: Business Culture, Contingent Staffing, employee development, Employee Engagement, employee retention, employment brand, Gig Economy

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