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The Face of They: Understanding Employee Perception

Who are you? This existential question has plagued humans since the dawn of time. We like to think we know ourselves quite well; we’ve been living in our own skin for some time, after all. But if you’ve ever had the experience of someone describing your traits and completely missing the mark, you understand that, sometimes, your version of who you are is radically different from someone else’s. And it’s all because of perception.

Engaging Millennial Employees so They Don't Jump Ship

I’m a millennial. Well, technically. I was born in ’86, so I’m at the older end of the millennial spectrum. So, while I may not be the stereotypical glued-to-my-phone and obsessed-with-social-media type of millennial, I did have the unique experience of witnessing the birth of the internet during my pre-teen years. Therefore, I would say I’m qualified to talk about millennials – and how to engage us at work.

This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Contingent Workers the Love

Today is Valentine’s Day. What began as a liturgical celebration quickly became a romantic holiday where people share their affections, attractions and commitments. Why should the staffing industry be immune to Cupid’s metaphorical arrow? Passion, time and love are intrinsically motivating factors that transform vocational duties into the art of the work -- and contingent workforce leaders help beleaguered hiring managers reignite the flames that propelled them to success. The value of[...]

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