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This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Contingent Workers the Love

Today is Valentine’s Day. What began as a liturgical celebration quickly became a romantic holiday where people share their affections, attractions and commitments. Why should the staffing industry be immune to Cupid’s metaphorical arrow? Passion, time and love are intrinsically motivating factors that transform vocational duties into the art of the work -- and contingent workforce leaders help beleaguered hiring managers reignite the flames that propelled them to success. The value of[...]

The Scientific Approach to Selecting Exceptional Contingent Workforce Leaders

There are many facets of contingent workforce management that keep industry experts up late at night. We’re constantly seeking to improve performance, enhance processes, deploy new technologies, cultivate a robust candidate experience, create better metrics through refined analytics, and more. We’re also preoccupied with the ongoing glut of open positions and perceived skills deficits. With all these focus areas, we sometimes neglect the growing importance of preparing[...]

In-Demand Employee Retention Strategies for an On-Demand Workforce

Companies today are experiencing major issues with employee retention. The lure of the gig economy has grown from a “necessary evil” in the aftermath of the recession to a lucrative business opportunity for driven professionals. These individuals seek the flexibility, freedom, self-direction and higher income potential that non-traditional work offers. That’s not such a boon for employers who want full-time people. Staffing professionals benefit from this demand for contingent talent, yet[...]

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