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6 Things to Avoid Telling Contingent Talent and What to Say Instead

The impact of our nation’s workforce will be profound as we migrate into changing economic, social and technological spheres. With these shifts, business leaders are acknowledging the importance of grooming next-generation leaders to raise the talent family of the future. This is particularly true of contingent workforce program leaders. They will play a vital role as the population of non-traditional workers continues to grow. Just as parents seek fresh ways to bring up exceptional children[...]

Improve the Performance of Your Performance Reviews

We live in era of interaction -- a time in which productive interactions tremendously influence performance. If there’s one leading trend that has defined commerce and employment in this century, it’s social media. We review companies, shop, recruit and perform job searches through increasingly sophisticated social platforms. So it surprised investors and analysts to learn that Twitter is stagnating. In February, the pioneering social network announced that its earnings fell four percent and[...]


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