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How Talent Leaders Can Create a People-Centric, Digital Workforce

Last week, I wrote about the people-centric technologies that are transforming nearly every industry imaginable. The changes are being powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) and design thinking. Yet these advances are not exclusive to entertainment, gaming, computing or software development. For example, as Len April explored on Tuesday, VR is pioneering new ways to solve medical problems and enhance workplace diversity. The important[...]

How to Future-Proof Your Workforce

In an article we published last September, we examined the disruptions that have accompanied our increasingly digital age. Just two months into 2017, every business and every worker now stands at the threshold of massive shifts that will shape the future. Our predecessors during the Industrial Revolution must have felt similar stirrings with the advent of new technologies and the beginnings of automation. Today, that revolution has turned digital. Yet that’s not the only major difference. In[...]

How Digital Platforms Unite Contingent and Traditional Workforces

Even businesses outside the staffing industry are no strangers to the contingent workforce. We are increasingly integrating these skilled contractors into our primary workforces. Yet, we still haven’t integrated them into our internal knowledge systems. And that’s a missed opportunity to tap into their intelligence and ideas, according to Molly Anglin of Nonlinear Creations. As she writes in Medium, contingent workforce leaders can evolve “the intranet” to meet the needs of today’s[...]

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