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What Is the Crowd and How Will It Invent the Future of Staffing?

In today’s digitized world, where real-time interactions take place between individuals anywhere in the world, the notion of “the crowd” seems to be a contemporary phenomenon. Entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers increasingly rely on the power of crowds to solve complex problems. We crowdfund endeavors through sources such as Kickstarter, LendingClub and Dealstruck. Charitable causes seek financial backing by appealing to the altruism of investors in the crowd, using sites like[...]

Procurement: Tapping Into the Power of the Crowd

I’m extremely honored and excited to be speaking at ProcureCon’s Contingent Workforce 2016 Total Talent Management event, which runs from July 11 to July 13. I’ll be uniting with other industry experts to help procurement leaders transform their organizations through bold, disruptive workforce innovations. Procurement professionals today are facing a dynamic array of market and employment shifts. Growing uncertainty in business performance and increased labor risks have spurred a[...]

The Human Cloud Helps Enterprise Clients and MSPs Run Faster

Today’s business environment is defined by the fluidity of globalization. In a short span of time, technology has eroded many of the barriers -- both physical and social -- that have separated people through the ages. We’ve entered a new world of work where our tools, processes and even people function in “the cloud.” The rigid structures and staffing constraints of brick-and-mortar operations are hobbling hiring managers who must make real-time adjustments to the workforce in order to[...]


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