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Accountability is the Theme for 2018

If you follow my posts, you’ve probably noticed I like to talk about technology, its implications, and how we can apply them in the workplace. The tech world resonates with me not just because I think gadgets are cool and AI is fascinating, but because I believe that technology is a reflection of where are we as a society. The tech industry is a microcosm of the human condition. The innovations, the problems, the ethical quandaries – they echo the things we face on a larger scale, as a[...]

MSPs Drive Continuous Improvement for Continued Client Success

Despite stabilization, gains and encouraging employment figures, we continue to live in the shadow of economic recovery. There persists some level of stagnation, and many companies struggle to capture the explosive growth that defined the late 1990s. This has placed tremendous pressure on managers to innovate, create and consistently deliver value -- all while sourcing high-caliber talent who can transform those goals into realities. With their time consumed by strategic decision making,[...]


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