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How to Uncover Your Client’s Employment Culture Before Recruiting

Understanding the nuances of a client’s employment culture, both positive and negative, is critical to determining its employment brand and how we match the right candidates to the right contracts. That effort involves more than perusing a client’s career site or marketing materials. Let’s explore some creative discovery techniques that contingent workforce professionals can use to uncover hidden gems – and avoid potential pitfalls.

Let's define Big Data (and how to approach it)

The term “big data” has become synonymous with 21st century business. In the contingent workforce industry, the rush to amass sprawling sets of data is growing more intense. Companies of all shapes and sizes are speeding ahead in the race to automate recruiting, digitize processes and construct vaults of information about clients and candidates. However, the question contingent workforce leaders need to confront doesn’t concern the amount of data collected – it’s about determining whether[...]

How Digital Platforms Unite Contingent and Traditional Workforces

Even businesses outside the staffing industry are no strangers to the contingent workforce. We are increasingly integrating these skilled contractors into our primary workforces. Yet, we still haven’t integrated them into our internal knowledge systems. And that’s a missed opportunity to tap into their intelligence and ideas, according to Molly Anglin of Nonlinear Creations. As she writes in Medium, contingent workforce leaders can evolve “the intranet” to meet the needs of today’s[...]

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