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The Contingent Workforce is About to See a Portable Benefits Movement

In every industry, at every experience level, there are contingent workers. The job market has reached an interesting point in its growth – an unprecedented situation where contract workers make up a larger portion of the workforce than ever before. Yet, millions of them are still without benefits. Will the day ever come when gig workers have the same rights as full-time employees? I think so, and I think it’s coming very soon.

Can Working a Temp Job Make You a Better Person?

The holidays are here, and things are getting busy. This time of year, the air seems to buzz with a sort of frenetic energy. It’s a time for catching up with family and friends, a time of music and merriment, and no matter which holiday you celebrate, it probably means it’s time for some good food. But amidst the colorful lights and bustling city streets, there’s another side to the festivities - a calmer, more pensive side.

December is an introspective month. We tend to get a bit[...]

Thanksgiving Wishes to the Business Partners Who Inspire Us

Thanksgiving is practically here, and you can feel its presence. There’s a fresh chill in the air that creeps in on late afternoons. The darkness falls earlier, followed by the aroma of logs smoking within cozy hearths. The clerks at the market are frantically stocking the shelves. Then there are the elaborate plans drawn up to coordinate the efforts of recipe gathering, shopping, cooking, accommodating guests, laying out tables, and setting up for the big game. Yet the spirit of this season[...]

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