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Thanksgiving Wishes to the Business Partners Who Inspire Us

Thanksgiving is practically here, and you can feel its presence. There’s a fresh chill in the air that creeps in on late afternoons. The darkness falls earlier, followed by the aroma of logs smoking within cozy hearths. The clerks at the market are frantically stocking the shelves. Then there are the elaborate plans drawn up to coordinate the efforts of recipe gathering, shopping, cooking, accommodating guests, laying out tables, and setting up for the big game. Yet the spirit of this season[...]

Talent Acquisition Ecosystems Are the Future of Staffing, Agency Models Are the Past

For brick-and-mortar companies in the retail sector, 2017 hasn’t been filled with good news. Yet the culprit isn’t necessarily mismanagement or lack of consumer interest in the products they sell -- it’s evolution. Iconic organizations like Blockbuster Video simply get buried in the fallout of rapid progress. And this week, Toys “R” Us provided us with another object lesson as it filed for bankruptcy in a Virginia federal court on Monday. Analysts will cite a variety of reasons: competition,[...]

Why We Need a New Social Contract to Ensure the Gig Economy’s Success

The gig economy is no longer a novelty or a passing fad. It’s become a familiar mainstay, with its presence firmly entrenched in the day-to-day mechanisms of modern society. And yet it remains as divisive a topic as politics. Proponents laud the freedom, additional wealth opportunities, and flexibility that the sharing economy affords its beneficiaries. Detractors, meanwhile, caution against the instability, lost tax revenues, transience, and potential income inequality they perceive.[...]

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