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Why We Need a New Social Contract to Ensure the Gig Economy’s Success

The gig economy is no longer a novelty or a passing fad. It’s become a familiar mainstay, with its presence firmly entrenched in the day-to-day mechanisms of modern society. And yet it remains as divisive a topic as politics. Proponents laud the freedom, additional wealth opportunities, and flexibility that the sharing economy affords its beneficiaries. Detractors, meanwhile, caution against the instability, lost tax revenues, transience, and potential income inequality they perceive.[...]

How Generational Diversity Fuels Contingent Workforce Success

A recent economic research report published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco offers an important reminder that diversity extends far beyond race, religion, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. The multigenerational workforce today is vast and unprecedented. And what some diversity discussions have missed is that age discrimination is on the rise again. Let’s examine the often-overlooked challenges facing mature talent -- and how contingent workforce leaders can enhance[...]


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