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Treat Job Applicants Like Your Customers - Because They Might Be

Think about the last time you applied for a job and never heard back. It was sort of discouraging, right? Days, weeks passed by as you eagerly awaited a response. Were you overqualified? Under-qualified? Maybe your cover letter wasn’t eye-catching? All these unanswered questions likely left you feeling confused and perhaps even a little bit angry.

Now, imagine the roles are reversed and you’re the potential employer who left the applicant hanging on the line. Somewhere out there, your[...]

Create a Targeted Job Description if You Want Better Candidates

Picture this: You’ve polished your resume, updated your LinkedIn, cleaned up your social media posts, and you’re finally ready to start the hunt for your next career move. You log on to one of the gazillion job boards out there and start searching…and searching…and searching. You can feel your eyes getting heavier with each job description you read. You start thinking: “why do all these jobs sound like huge snoozefests? Should I even bother applying to any of them?” You’re suffering from a[...]

How “Human Capital” Affects Employment Culture and Candidate Experience

What do the terms human capital, talent, and contingent workers all have in common? They all mean the same thing: people. More than any other, the staffing industry is riddled with buzzwords these days. From fancy acronyms to words that sound like something out of an episode of Black Mirror (ahem, Compliance, anyone?), it seems like some new confangled term emerges every day. Any newbie entering the industry would do well to keep a cheat sheet on hand.

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