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The Power of Purpose in Candidate Relationship Management

Forbes contributor Amy Phillip posed an important question this month about candidate relationship management: Has neglect become the new normal? I know there are folks out there saying to themselves, “We hear this all the time.” I would respectfully suggest that while it’s one thing to hear, it’s another to listen. In this economy, where every company is being pushed toward automation and optimization to stay competitive, some things are bound to fall through the cracks. Relationships, in[...]

How Digital Intelligence Creates Genuine Employee Experiences

Before you realize it, VMSA Live 2017 will be here. I’m thrilled to have been invited to discuss the exciting shifts that are propelling our industry toward the digital future. The focus of this year’s event centers on technology. Yet, it’s not simply a topic for the conference. Countless iterations of human resources technology are being leveraged by nearly every organization. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the transformations occurring with artificial intelligence (AI) and the[...]

Create a Compelling Mobile Recruiting Experience

Google I/O is the search giant’s highly anticipated annual event. Each year, the conference brings together developers for an immersive, three-day experience focused on exploring the next generation of technology. Google’s Rahul Roy-chowdhury, vice president of Product Development, highlighted his keynote speech by heralding the arrival of the mobile web. An average user visits more than 100 websites on a mobile device every month. That means expectations for speed and quality have risen[...]


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