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Boosting Candidate Engagement: Patch the Holes in Your Hiring Funnel

Searching for new talent is a time-consuming and expensive process. Thankfully, the internet has taken some of the burden off hiring managers and employers, and sites like Glassdoor have given prospective employees more insight into companies than ever before. However, many companies suffer from a lack of focus, sinking time and money into various hiring channels and gaining little return on their investment. How can you be sure your money is well spent?

The Power of Purpose in Candidate Relationship Management

Forbes contributor Amy Phillip posed an important question this month about candidate relationship management: Has neglect become the new normal? I know there are folks out there saying to themselves, “We hear this all the time.” I would respectfully suggest that while it’s one thing to hear, it’s another to listen. In this economy, where every company is being pushed toward automation and optimization to stay competitive, some things are bound to fall through the cracks. Relationships, in[...]

Asking Candidates About Their Hobbies is a Powerful Interviewing Tool

The competition to attract and retain exceptional workers remains fierce. Very fierce. Job openings pile up and go unfilled. Employers are desperately seeking skilled candidates who will integrate well with the mission and the team. And the needs of today’s talent, particularly those in millennial generations, have taken more nuanced turns. Cultural fit, skills development and exposure to opportunities for professional growth are key considerations. For recruiters, the process of sourcing[...]

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