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How Staffing Can Seize the Real Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

VentureBeat recently published an informative article about an aspect of artificial intelligence that we sometimes overlook: preparing our organizations to embrace and properly capitalize on the benefits that machine learning will offer. Alston Ghafourifar authored the piece. He is the CEO of Entefy, an AI-communication technology company, credited with developing the first universal communicator. While proponents extol the virtues of AI, detractors lament this greater reliance on machines[...]

Get Ready for 2017, Year of the Digital Workplace

In less than 10 days, children around the world will be spinning dreidels and pulling stockings from the mantel. This year, Hanukkah and Christmas Eve fall on the same day. That means the season of gift-giving has shifted into full throttle. It’s always interesting to check out the most in-demand presents during the holidays. As usual, top products fall into the categories you’d expect: toys, apparel and gadgets. And yet we’re noticing that items in those categories are becoming primarily[...]

Exponential Change and Growth: 3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Workforce

In our last article, we examined the disruptions that have accompanied our increasingly digital age. Every business and every worker now stands at the threshold of massive shifts that will shape the future. Our predecessors during the Industrial Revolution must have felt similar stirrings with the advent of new technologies and the beginnings of automation. Today, that revolution has turned digital. Yet that’s not the only major difference. In the 19th century, change was localized and[...]

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