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What Star Wars Teaches Us About the Dark Side of Silent Business Cultures

The winter holiday madness is about to explode, and people everywhere are looking forward to an abundance of festivities. There await feasts, gift exchanges, themed parties, family gatherings, and big movie premiers. Perhaps no other upcoming film this season has sparked more excitement than "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." Apart from its unrivaled popularity as a sweeping space opera, the Star Wars saga also incorporates political parable -- a tale of rampant despotism and its eventual downfall.[...]

Thanksgiving Wishes to the Business Partners Who Inspire Us

Thanksgiving is practically here, and you can feel its presence. There’s a fresh chill in the air that creeps in on late afternoons. The darkness falls earlier, followed by the aroma of logs smoking within cozy hearths. The clerks at the market are frantically stocking the shelves. Then there are the elaborate plans drawn up to coordinate the efforts of recipe gathering, shopping, cooking, accommodating guests, laying out tables, and setting up for the big game. Yet the spirit of this season[...]

What Every Business Can Learn from Salesforce’s Corporate Culture

Last week, Salesforce turned entire city blocks of San Francisco into a massive street fair for its Dreamforce 2017 event. Since its inception in 2003, Dreamforce has grown from an audience of 1,300 attendees to 170,000 participants. Despite the content, industry updates, thought leadership seminars, and prognostications about the future of business, the gathering serves to showcase one of the most vibrant and important attributes of Salesforce’s success: its corporate culture.

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