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A Business Boom for Independent Recruiters Who Overcome the Skills Gap

“There’s hardly ever been a better, or busier, time to be a recruiter in America.” That’s the opening sentence of a July 6 article from Bloomberg, written by Patricia Laya and Daniel Flatley. Says it all, right? According to figures from the American Staffing Association, revenues for recruiting services in the United States have tripled since 2009. Search-and-placement agencies now rake in about $21.9 billion, and analysts predict these numbers to keep rising. It’s no wonder so many[...]

Why Business Supports the Paris Accord: Sustainable Growth, Exponential Opportunity

President Donald Trump announced last Thursday that he will withdraw the United States from the Paris accord, a landmark 2015 global agreement to combat the devastating effects of climate change. Mr. Trump has generally viewed green energy as a constraint that curbs economic expansion, although employment figures, growth projections and financial data paint a different portrait. Regardless of one’s ideological or political stance toward ecological issues, the regulations and compacts that[...]

How a Little RFP Tracking Can Uncover Big Data for Your Sales Team

Summer carries with it the anticipation of many things: exotic trips, family outings, afternoons of lazing beneath the sun, baseball games and, in the workforce solutions industry, requests for proposals (RFPs). Although bidding activity experiences a noticeable spike toward the end of October, the period between May and August sees a consistent influx of requests -- those fat, unruly documents that hold salespeople hostage until they’ve answered hundreds of questions about metrics,[...]

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