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Lessons that Define the Framework of Exemplary Leadership

In the predawn hours of June 17, 2017, a U.S. warship cruising through Japanese waters collided with a heavily laden merchant vessel. Despite the valiant efforts of the USS Fitzgerald’s crew, seven sailors perished in the calamity. Navy investigators continue to explore every facet of that day’s events to determine how a destroyer and a freighter struck each other in open sea. There will follow serious questions about the catalyst, be it mechanical or human in nature. Regardless of what the[...]

Recruitment Marketing and the Power of Storytelling

Fall is in full swing, and that means holidays filled with rich heritage and storytelling. On October 30, India celebrated Diwali. During these festivities, the retelling of mythical tales plays a critical part in the events. Stories become introspective metaphors that compel people to resist darkness and focus inward on good deeds. Right after that, millions enjoyed the spooky tales of eerie Halloween nights. Now that November has dawned, Mexico will observe its colorful Día de los Muertos,[...]


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