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The Promise of Artificial Intelligence Flourishes Only in the Absence of Bias

The global dialog concerning the future of artificial intelligence (AI), at least in the media, appears to have become very binary. On one side of the debate, technophiles excitedly praise the coming singularity, when machines and humans will merge. Across the aisle, visionaries like Elon Musk are portrayed as neo-Luddites, prophets of doom offering grim auguries of a robot-spawned dystopia. The reality, as always, lies somewhere in the center of the otherwise sensationalized argument. And I[...]

Don't Miss Superstar Candidates by Looking for Direct Work Experience

People love a good underdog story -- one about overcoming adversity, rising up from humble beginnings to achieve great things, and conquering stereotypes or misperceptions. It’s the stuff we’re raised on in the land of opportunity. The fables and fairy tales we first experience assure us that we can succeed regardless of our stations in life. These Cinderella stories inspire and motivate us. They’ve even infused themselves, subtly, into the fabric of staffing. Recruiters are now encouraged[...]

Who Ya Gonna Call? MSPs & Staffing Providers Bust the Ghosts of Bias

If you think the business world has overcome its challenges with hiring bias and diversity, you haven’t been paying attention. Before the new “Ghostbusters” movie hit the silver screen last week, outcry over the decision to cast an all-female team of protagonists dominated the Internet. There was another interesting release just a day before “Ghostbusters.” Facebook published a stunningly vapid report on its lack of diversity growth. The social network further fanned the flames by taking no[...]


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