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Was it Black Friday or Hack Friday?

Posted by Ravdeep Sawhney on Dec 2, 2015 10:56:55 AM

‘Tis the season, they say, especially around Thanksgiving. Who’s saying this? The big retailers that put up Christmas decorations a couple of weeks in advance, hoping to lure shoppers to the door-buster events that define Black Friday. Congratulations to those of you who braved the annual pre-dawn dash through the mall. Yes, the 2015 holiday shopping season has officially arrived -- and that means it’s also the season for hackers. Few Americans can forget the panic of 2013’s Black Friday, and not just because of the frantic rush to grab the hottest products off the shelves at “ridiculously” low prices. That was also the year over 110 million shoppers discovered that their credit card information had been stolen after hackers targeted a variety of retailers -- Target, chief among them.

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Tags: Kaiser Fung, Others, Technology, Applied Analytics, black friday, data, Ethical Data Usage, Harvard Business Review

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